hippo joins Alastria betting on innovation and blockchain technology

Alastria is, and using its own words, the first multisectorial consortium promoted by companies and institutions for the establishment of a blockchain / DLT semipublic infrastructure. It supports legally effective services in Spain and in accordance with European regulations. The Consortium is open to any organization that wants to have a fundamental tool to develop its own Blockchain / DLT strategy, thinking about the distribution and organization of products and services for the Spanish market. Alastria can be summarized as a “semi-public, independent, permissive and neutral Blockchain / DLT network, designed to be in compliance with existing regulation, which allows associates to experience these technologies in a cooperative environment.”

hippo, besides from¬† deploying a new regular node of the Alastria network that is already fully operational, will be part of the development teams of “Alastria ID” as well as research and creation of new real use cases and applied to different sectors on the network. The initial idea is to be able to provide services on the network: our experience in development, design and innovation in mobile apps and ground all the development ideas already flowing in Alastria… All combined with a great deal of passion for what we do.¬†

hippo hopes to become a future partner for other companies that start working with Blockchain, collaborating closely to take full advantage of what this new technology can provide.

September 19, 2018